The most common kinds of ЕMPLOYEE BENEFITS like insurance covers are:
  • Employer’s liability
  • Accident insurance/ Accident at work
  • Health insurance (or International Health Plans) /Medical insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Life insurance
What for example could a COMPANIES VOLUNTARY HEALTH INSURANCE  would include:
There are six packages of medical services and levels of coverage provided:
  • Health improvement and Disease prevention
  • Outpatient medical care
  • Hospital medical care
  • Reimbursement of expenses of medications and medical materials as per the doctor’s prescription
  • Dental care
Advantages for the Employees:
  • Covering of over 95% of medical needs /level of coverage is bigger than that of the National Medical Assurance Pool: NZOK/
  • There are no taxes implied
  • Priority Pass in medical check-ups
  • Organizing of diagnostic medical check-up and entering into a hospital
  • Reimbursement of expenses for medications and medical materials
  • 24-hour medical help
  • Free choice for specialized medical assistance without GP’s medical certificate
  • Hospital Medical care with direct access to the best medical specialists in hospitals and medical centres
Advantages for the Employer who provides Voluntary Health Insurance for its employees:
  • Effective and timely recovery of employees
  • Decreased duration of absenteeism
  • Reduced risk of emerging chronic diseases
  • Reducing the taxable annual income by the voluntary health insurance installments payment
  • The Voluntary Health Insurance installments up to BGN 60 per month per person are considered to be a company expense free of taxation
Balkan Insurance Brokers Dedicated Health insurance service includes
analysis of your own needs in terms of health insurance and design the coverage accordingly.
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