With Cargo insurance, you provide insurance cover for your cargo upon import, export or re-export. The object of insurance is any goods carried under a consignment note or other contract of carriage with any type of recognised vehicle. The insurance shall apply for the period of carriage on the usual route and, unless otherwise agreed, shall begin with the delivery of the cargo for carriage and shall continue until it is handed over to the consignee, including in case of transhipment and storage. The insurer pays compensation for the total or partial loss of cargo depending on the insurance event and the risks covered by the policy. Expenses incurred for the purpose of saving and limiting damage, as well as fees for emergency protocols, shall also be reimbursed.

Cargo insurance is unified under the original London Clauses, the so-called “no-fly zone”. “Institute cargo clauses”. They are internationally accepted and are the same worldwide. All insurance companies in Bulgaria use them either as original ones or translated. The three types of “A”, “B” and “C” clauses vary depending on the type of coverage.

Clause “A” / full coverage/-covers all possible risks of loss or damage to the insured cargo during transport, except for the risk of war, political unrest, strikes, riots, bankruptcy of the insured, bankruptcy, exchange differences in the value of the goods on the exchange, intentional action or inaction of the insured, as well as damage caused by insufficient or inappropriate packaging or unsuitability of the vehicle. The covered risks include fire, explosion, traffic accident, natural disasters, theft.

Clause “C”/ limited cover /-covers fire, natural disasters, earthquakes, wetting of cargo, entry of wet or river water into the hold or container, partial or total loss of a package of goods.

Clause “C”/ minimum coverage /- specialized and covers only fire, explosion, traffic accident and total loss. It insures goods in bulk or bulk, second-hand goods for total loss

The insurance premium depends on:

– The destination, the type of transport with which the cargo will be transported

– The type of goods, the way of packing

When concluding the insurance, it is necessary to present an invoice for the value of the cargo, a waybrush and a completed proposal or applique.

BALKAN INSURANCE BROKER recommends the conclusion of cargo cargo insurance during transport for each transport, regardless of the existence of mandatory liability insurance of the carrier.

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