Leasing with us

We went beyond insurance and created mobility and a full range of services including leasing.
Balkan Insurance Broker has introduced convenient packages for servicing its customers and the possibility of deferring payments.

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Professional advice

Does your counterparty condition you in your forthcoming contract to insure a specific asset or activity, and are you not aware of the conditions or requirements set?
You need a BALKAN Insurance Broker!

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Claims assistance

We assist in the claims settlement process with the personal presence of our insurance broker for each of your sites.
The client is advised by us as to how to proceed with each damage, depending on the nature of the damage.

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Insurance surveys

Anyone who pays for insurance coverage expects to receive a high quality claim processing service from their insurer or intermediary. We offer a large range of services.

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Risk evaluation

We offer an analysis and evaluation of the possible insurance risks that accompany your business.

Preparation of a report on risk reduction measures, a report on fire safety and measures for its improvement.

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How can we help you?

Contact our chosen office from the CONTACTS page or make an online inquiry.

I am very pleased! I recommend it!

Nikolay Chavdarov

There are still honest insurance brokers – this is one of them!

Milen Petrov
ET Milen Petrov, Accountant

Always correct and responsive.

Stefan Popov
Freight forwarder, BORDER SERVICES

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