With the individual Medical Insurance, you do not depend on the state healthcare system and obtain easy and reliable 24/7 access to timely medical service meeting your medical needs.

Health insured Bulgarian citizens and foreign citizens residing in the country, at the age of 18 to 65 years can be insured.

Insurance cover:

The usual scope and clauses are used:
•Outpatient medical care:
o examinations and consultations;
o emergency medical care;
o laboratory and instrumentation (apparatus) tests, including highly specialized tests;
o manipulations;
o physical therapy;
o outpatient surgical operations;
o preparation for hospitalization, etc.
• Hospital medical care:
o hospital stay;
o examinations and consultations;
o laboratory and instrumentation (apparatus) tests;
o manipulations;
o treatment, including surgical operations, rehabilitation, physical therapy;
o sanatorium treatment;
o hospital transport.
• Reimbursement of expenses for medical goods for outpatient and hospital medical care:
o medications;
o medical consumables;
o aids.

Conditions for provision/ use of the insurance cover:
Reimbursement of expenses – Upon occurrence of insurance event, you pay the expenses for the required medical goods and provided medical services in the healthcare establishment you have chosen, and then you submit a claim for reimbursement of these expenses to the Insurer

Insurance amount (limit of liability):
The Insurer’s liability is limited up to the amount of the agreed limits for the respective cover, irrespective of the number of occurred events during the period of the insurance cover and submitted claims.

Insurance premium:
The insurance premium depends on the selected clause and limit of liability.

Term of validity of the insurance: 1 (one) year.

Your benefits:
• You ensure calmness and security in your everyday life
• You get complex cover
• You manage your money by choosing a limit
• Free choice of healthcare establishment and specialists across the country
• Quick solution of your medical problem – no waiting for medical referral
• Online personal medical dossier
• Online submission of claim for reimbursement of expenses

Approved amounts under submitted claims are paid by means of bank transfer.

For further information, please contact us on:
E-mail: vkuncheva@zbkbalkan.com
Telephone: +359 882 447 701

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