The mandatory health insurance is actually the insurance, called: “Medical expenses for accident and illness of foreigners temporary and prolonged staying in the Republic of Bulgaria”
Insurance subject
The terms and order for compulsory insurance of persons under art. 83, par. 4 of the Health act, including the insurance coverage, excluded risks, minimal insurance amounts and minimal premiums, are defined in the Regulation for the terms and order for compulsory medical insurance of foreigners on short-term residence in Bulgaria or transiting through the country, which is adopted with government decree Nr.80 dd. 03.05.2005.
Insured persons
Subject to insurance are foreign citizens that are residing in or transiting though Bulgaria, in a good state of health.
Covered risks
– Medical expenses due to an accident or acute illness;
– Emergent dental treatment;
– Transport expenses for accommodation or transfer of the insured person in a medical institution.
Uncovered risks
– Chronic diseases of any nature and the consequences of it; available illnesses before the starting date of the insurance policy; repeated illnesses;
– Deliberate actions of the insured with the purpose of self-injury and causing loss of working capacity, as well as in cases of exceptionally gross negligence, which has led to a health damage;
– Suicide or suicide attempt;
– Use of opiates, stimulants and doping, alcohol, alcohol poisoning, self treatment and abuse of medicines;
– Sunstroke and heatstroke, radioactive poisoning;
– AIDS, venereal and other illnesses, transferred by blood flow;
– Expenses that are paid or covered by medical schemes, other insurers, governmental or private medical program;
– Treatment of mental and mental-neurological disorders or states, as well as in case of psychoanalytical or psychotherapeutical methods;
– Expenses for hemodialysis and hemotransfusion
– Transplant of organs, tissues and cells;
– Claims in cases the insured person is with a fatal diagnosis;
– Claims in cases the insured person is travelling for medical treatment in Bulgaria;
– Claims by the insured due to a participation in races or preparation for races;
– Plastic cosmetic operations and other cosmetic medical services.
Payment of the insurance premium
The insurance premium is one-off paid in BGN at the day when the policy is underwritten. No premium instalments are allowed.
Claims payment
The insurance compensation is defined within the insurance limit and the insurance amount.
The payments are settled within 15 working days after presenting medical case histories, invoices, prescriptions, resolutions of the Labor Expert Medical Committee, deeds, and other required documents.
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