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Life savings insurance can help us take care of our finances and plan for the future of our family. Choosing risky, savings, investment or children’s life insurance will guarantee you the freedom and opportunities you need to be safe in the future and not rely on chance in its successful planning.

This insurance provides financial insurance for you and your family in case of adverse events. If the right program is chosen, you can combine insurance with saving money. As long as you work and pay your insurance contributions, you will benefit from tax breaks. You have the opportunity to choose the payment period of the installments – monthly or annual. The term of the insurance is from 5 to 30 years for the different products, and the currency – optional.

Classic life insurance usually has a lot of cover for risks that stalk a person in his daily life. Starting with the fatal end of illness and accident (in case of accidents there are usually options for payment of the double or triple amount of the insurance amount), where the final insurance amount (SPA) is paid, a certain percentage of the SPA is paid in case of permanent disability (disability) and it leads to the payment of compensation for temporary incapacity for work, hospital stay, medical expenses. There is also a coating that is unique in nature and is not in any other form of saving. This is an exemption from ex-post contributions if a certain percentage of invalidity has occurred. For different insurance companies, this rate moves between 30 and 50%. Some of these risks are included in the main program, others are added at the customer’s request and are paid extra. There is a possibility to index the insurance amount.

The main types of insurance for different insurers are:

– Life savings insurance

– LIFE related to investment funds

– Risky/combined LIFE insurance

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– Children’s life insurance

– Insurance of critical diseases, including as additional cover

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