Risk evaluation

Our goal is not only good insurance protection, full and timely receipt of compensation. In terms of corporate business, our primary goal is to support the client in order to improve the prevention and prevention of insurance events.

We offer an analysis and evaluation of the possible insurance risks that accompany your business.

Preparation of a report on risk reduction measures, a report on fire safety and measures for its improvement.

Carrying out an insurance audit – reviewing and evaluating existing insurance policies.

Optimization of insurance schemes, enabling planning and minimization of annual insurance costs.


Risk assessment is usually carried out by persons assigned to the company concerned or by external companies called risk managers.

We at BALKAN, with our over 22 years of experience in the field of insurance, can successfully assist any risk manager.

And if our client does not have such a consultant, we will be pleased to provide our knowledge by carefully examining and considering all aspects of the risk.

We are not unfamiliar with the risk- just trust us!


These are part of the standard activities we perform for each new customer:

– Collection of detailed information on the specificity of the activity: main activity, other types of business, related businesses.

– Identification of potential risk factors.

– Engaged employees in specific operations and activities;

– Study of the conditions for the specific risk – availability of exports, areas where the export takes place;

– Investigation of the presence of risk exposures so far – claims, out-of-court agreements.

– Inspection of the concluded compulsory insurance for the client’s activity according to the current legislation.

-Specification of tangible and intangible assets subject to insurance

– Tangible assets – review of the existence and condition of operating insurance;
– Intangible assets – identification of their possible risks.

– Responsibilities related to the activity.

– Overview of programs for the benefit of employees – insurance, participation in social programs prepared by clients.

– Preparation of proposal for necessary insurance cover.

– Assessment of the client’s self-insurance opportunities / creation of their own reserve fund, which would significantly reduce the premiums paid to insurers.

– Review of insurance premiums expenses incurred. Proposals for cost optimization measures. Through them our client can save a lot of money.

– All current policies are introduced into the broker’s software program to track maturities and the due staged payments.

– We prepare renewal policies at least 20 days before maturity and submit them to our clients for review and signature.

– We do not prepare monthly payments for paid premiums and we provide customer contact details.

The servicing broker prepares an annual report on paid premiums addressed to the client and the supervising broker.

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