Insurance broker “Balkan” is a licensed insurance broker, with a Certificate for the registration according to art. 160, para. 1 of the Insurance Code # FSC 82-3B / 16.01.2008,

By using this website you agree to the terms set out below. Please read them carefully. Everywhere below the words “Company” or “Team” mean “ZBK Balkan” JSC.

About the Company

“ZBK Balkan” JSC operates as an insurance broker, according to the legal requirements for performing of the activity in our country. The Company is registered in the city of Sofia

floor 9, 2 Klokotnitsa St, business building IVEL, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria, UIC 175405608, and the addresses of all offices in the country and in the city are on this website in the “Contact Us” .

“ZBK Balkan” JSC is entered in the register of insurance brokers kept by the Financial Supervision Commission according to Certificate № 82 -3B / 16.01.2008 on which you can check at . The Financial Supervision Commission is the State body, supervising the activities of insurance brokers address city. Sofia Street. “Shar Planina” №33.

Legal exceptions and limitations

“ZBK Balkan” JSC is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, reliability and relevance of the information published on the website, nor for timely updates. Despite of the careful efforts of the Company, the information on the website at a time can not be updated or the pages may not be available to Internet users. “ZBK Balkan” JSC is not liable for errors, omissions or loss of information on the website.

“ZBK Balkan” JSC does not provide any legal, accounting or other professional advice or opinions on a particular issue or problem with the published information on this website. Also, none of the Company or its directors or employees shall not be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with use of this website or the information on it.

This comprehensive limitation of liability “ZBK Balkan” JSC refers to any kind of damages, including but not limited to direct or consequential damages, damages, lost profits, loss of data, loss of or damage to property or claims by third parties.

The website may contain links to other websites. The team is not responsible for the information contained on other pages, nor for damages arising from their content or maintenance, or for the protection of personal data on such pages. The presence of links to other websites does NOT mean that “ZBK Balkan” JSC meets or guarantee the content of the same.

The Company has the right at any time without restriction and without notice to change the content of this website as well as  these Terms of Service or restrict or terminate the access of users to it. Any modification of these Terms will be announced on this website and continuing to use the website after the announcement of such a change, you confirm that you agree to be bound by such revised Terms.

“ZBK Balkan” JSC does not warrant that this website and its content is free of viruses or anything else with disrupting properties, despite the exercise of the Company’s care team.

If you doubt the authenticity of the information in this website the best would be for you to seek confirmation by contacting the Company directly.

Protection of personal data

“ZBK Balkan” JSC collects personal information (such as name, address, telephone, e-mail, etc.) only in the event that they are voluntarily provided by users of the website in connection with the filing of a request or order to purchase insurance. Personal data may be used by “ZBK Balkan” JSC for direct marketing by sending additional information about the services provided by the company as an insurance broker and any discounts or promotions organized independently or together with third parties. Any personal data provided voluntarily by users in the use of the website will be used only for the purposes for which have been granted in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation with EU legislation.

“ZBK Balkan” JSC may not provide personal data of users of the website to third parties, with the exception of insurance companies that issued policies and offers award without the express consent of the person who provided the data. In some cases where third parties provide services relating to the maintenance of the website, they can gain access to users’ personal data only for the purpose of maintenance. “ZBK Balkan” JSC shall take all measures to protect the personal data of users of the website in accordance with the provisions of the Law on protection of personal data.

The team of the Company may collect technical information that constitutes personal data such as the number and duration of visits to the site, IP addresses and type of browsers on users’ computers and others. This information may be used only to improve the services of the website. Personal data may be disclosed in collecting such information. IP addresses can be used to identify users of the website only in case of default of these Terms or is threatened when the contents of the Web site or other users.

Applicable law

The content of this website and the information and services provided are in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian law.

Other conditions

The conditions of use shall be granted only in Bulgarian language and can be stored on magnetic media or be printed on your choice.

The content on the website is protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property rights of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union. The used on pages trademarks, trade names, industrial designs and other intellectual property are subject to copyright and protection. All names of products listed on the website are trademarks or other objects of intellectual property belonging to persons referred to on the website. Any rights not expressly granted to third parties are reserved.

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