Balkan Insurance Broker was established back in 1998.
Currently, the insurance broker monitors the risk management and insurance needs of more than 15,000 companies nationwide.

Our top priorities are related to delivering measurable results for our clients: asset protection, cost optimization, value addition, practical damage management.

The insurance mediation of our company focuses on the interests of the client.

For each of our clients, from corporations to retail outlets, we prepare an insurance program with the ability to fully evaluate risk management, optimize the balance between price and protection.

International Insurance
Balkan Insurance Broker serves corporate insurance programs of subsidiaries of international companies with global presence. Our Clients are in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Romania.

Through our partners in leading international insurance markets, we provide insurance coverage from leading international insurance groups.

In this way, we provide insurance services in 110 countries worldwide.


We provide comprehensive insurance services to our clients, which include:

– Risk management

– Risk analysis

– Analysis of the client’s insurance interest. We develop specialized insurance programs for various industrial segments of the business.

– Research and analysis of the insurance market – preparation of offers.

– Professional advice in selecting the most suitable proposal.

– Customer service in case of occurrence of an insurance event – assistance in assessing the amount of damages, their consideration and settlement, preparation of the documents necessary for payment of insurance indemnity, assistance to insurance companies for the conclusion of damages.

– We replace the need for our own structure dealing with the control, risk management and insurance of our clients; as well as the administration of insurance data

– All current policies are introduced into the broker’s software program to track maturities and installments; clients have access to the program.

– We offer an annual analysis of insurance costs, we discuss the appropriateness of the insurance program every year

– We provide advice, study of brokers in the country regarding the preparation of liability insurance programs, international insurance programs, placement of business in European insurance markets

Our advantages

Risk management

Balkan assists its clients in the implementation of the necessary risk management measures.

We are focused solely on the purchase of insurance coverage, and our efforts are also focused on analyzing, evaluating, financing and controlling risk for each client. We offer services in the field of risk management

– In-house risk engineering and fire safety tips

– Risk Profiling

– Risk prevention and early warning system

– Environmental risk assessment

– Audit of the electrical system and power output

– Contractual or periodic inspections required by law

– IT security

International Insurance

Providing adequate risk analysis both domestically and internationally, subsequent coverage in and outside Bulgaria is one of the key skills of a Balkan broker. We are the only member of the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) for Bulgaria, our insurance broker partners are brokers in 85 countries. With over 15,000 employees and premiums of over $ 28 billion, WBN ranks among the top 10 insurance brokers in the world.

Advantages for your business:

Local service of some of the most professional brokers in the respective countries combined with global benefits of the chain

Insurance programs that meet the requirements of local law and control authorities

Transparent and fast implementation of international insurance programs using the WBN-WBNet IT platform

Access to the international insurance market.

Maria Veleva – Manager of BALKAN Insurance Broker: “… We look upon ourselves as a group of inspired professionals with the appropriate level of preparedness …”


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